Gridlock Economy


New Yorker, Financial Page story by James Surowiecki: 
“The more we divide common resources like science and culture into small, fenced-off lots, Heller shows, the more difficult we make it for people to do business and to build something new.  Innovation, investment, and growth end up being stifled.”

NPR Marketplace, radio interview by Kai Ryssdal:
“Too much ownership has some unintended consequences.”, review by Tim Wu:
“Heller has managed to pull off one of the most perceptive popular books on property since Das Kapital.”, review by Larwrence Lessig: 
“Heller’s clear and beautifully crafted analysis is absolutely compelling, and will fundamentally change the debate in core policy areas. There are very few books that reorient a field. Almost none that reorient many fields. This is in that ‘almost none’ category: Paradigms will shift. Many of them.”

Business Week, review by Olga Kharif:
“Heller masterfully draws up on ‘Big Inch,’ and many other cases, to describe a concept that cuts across the grain of America’s property-respecting culture…Although the idea may be unfamiliar, after reading this book you’ll start seeing its spooky tentacles everywhere…The bottom line: a compelling account with broad policy implications.”

Forbes, "On My Mind" column by Michael Heller:
“A curious thing happened on the way to the biotech revolution.”

Time Magazine, review by Barbara Kiviat:
“Documents ‘wasteful underuse’ and the straitjacket it puts on innovation.”

Wall Street Journal, review by Steven Landsburg:
“Sharp economic analysis and wise advice for policy makers.”

In The BlogsPenthouse, review by Peter Bloch: 
“This could be one of this year’s most important books.”

Reuters Business, review by Brian Moss:
“A new way to look at economic issues.”