Gridlock Economy

Reviews: In the Blogs

Wall Street Journal Law Blog, Q&A by Ashby Jones:
“It seems all too infrequent an occurrence that a law professor writes a thoughtful and accessible book about law for a lay audience. But Michael Heller has done just that with his new book, The Gridlock Economy.”

Time Magazine’s Curious Capitalist, commentary by Barbara Kiviat:
“Maybe the revolution starts with The Gridlock Economy.”

Marginal Revolution, review by Tyler Cowen:
“How many popular economics books offer a message which is (mostly) true, non-trivial, and understandable?  The Gridlock Economy satisfies that troika.” 

Freakonomics, story by Stephen Dubner:
“An interesting book I’m reading.”

Grasping Reality With Both Hands, note by Brad DeLong:
“Highly recommended.”

Dorf on Law, commentary by Mike Dorf:
“A powerful case for the proposition that our economy suffers from ‘too much ownership.’”

PrawfsBlawg, review by Ben Barrow:
The Gridlock Economy is one of those rare books that makes important theoretical points while being an easy, enjoyable read.  Like Hernando de Soto’s The Mystery of Capital, The Gridlock Economy is clearly written and illustrates its points with engaging examples. . . . This is a great book.”

On the Commons, review by David Bollier:
The Gridlock Economy is a refreshing book because it draws upon the deep knowledge and authority of legal scholarship without getting mired in pedantic, inside debates. It speaks to the concerned citizen and policymaker, and grounds its arguments in vivid, concrete stories that anyone can relate to.”

Antitrust and Competition Policy, review by Shubha Ghosh:
The Gridlock Economy synthesizes over a decade of scholarly work on property rights and markets into an easily digestible and nourishing morsel.  For those not familiar with Professor Heller’s work, Basic Books has done a major service in publishing this must read (and more importantly must buy) volume.”

Concurring Opinions, review by Frank Pasquale:
“Heller has been a tireless chronicler of market failures and this looks like a particularly timely book.”

Business Finance Magazine, review by Laurie Brannen:
“Most business book authors don't stray far from the herd, building on the philosophy and experiences of others with just a big enough tweak to call their work original. The author of newly released The Gridlock Economy is not among them. In fact, this book is based on a premise that contradicts conventional wisdom about property rights.”

800-CEO-Read, comment by Dylan Schleicher and “Change This” manifesto by Michael Heller:
“A really outstanding book.”